July 17, 2019

Hey, friends! It's OFFICIALLY summer - YAY! I know I'm excited! Are you doing any travelling? Camping?  We'll be staying in Regina for most of the summer as we will have a newborn but are going to try and get away one weekend to go camping! My brother bought a camper this year and we're very much looking forward to borrowing it! Other than that, bring on the patio drinks, backyard fires, beach + pool days! This summer will be so different for us as Amelia will be 3 and is interested in SO much more than she was last year!

But let's dive in to why you're really here.. you want to know what's going on in Regina Real Estate! And I wish it was exciting news, howev...

June 20, 2019

And just like that we are almost half way through 2019! The year has started off strong with each months total sales surpassing the previous years monthly sales, however, in May we saw the first decline. But BARELY. May 2019 was quite comparable to May 2018 -- only 10 sales shy of having the same total sales of May 2018. Although it was less than last year, the total sales for 2019 are far higher than 2018 - almost 10% higher. 

The one thing that is important to note for 2019 is that we are seeing fewer new listings hit the market compared to new listings in 2018. The active listings remains lower as well. If we were to purely bas...

May 14, 2019

Hey, friends! Holy jeeeez! I feel like it was just yesterday I was writing March's Regina Real Estate Stats??!! This year is going by WAY too quickly. But, the weather is warming up and there is no complaining over here about that! 

It's safe to say that the spring market is HERE. Sales were up 16.8% for April compared to April 2018. And not just April, but our YTD sales are up, too! Last April, we were very much in a buyers market... BUT the stats this year say we are in a balanced market! The sales to new listings ratio is 45, 2019 YTD. (Anything below 40 is a buyers market, above 60 is a sellers and in between is considered a balanced market).  This is good...

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