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Obtaining showings during the sale of your home is detrimental to your home selling. However, how your home shows can pull a buyer in or push them away. Every person that comes through your front door is considered a potential buyer. Your home needs to constantly put its best foot forward! Here are some simple, easy ways to ensure your home stands out amongst the rest! Also, did you know that hosting an open house is equivalent to having a showing? Don't fall trap to these easy mistakes and miss presenting your home like a pro! 




1. Secure ALL your valuables  

Securing all of your valuables should be the first step you take when you have a showing or open house -- you essentially have strangers entering your home. Even with the closest eyes watching, some people can be very sneaky! Not only that, there may be multiple people in your home at once and it can be impossible to watch everyone!



2. Turn on EVERY light

Next, turn on all of your lights -- closet lights, basement lights.. every, single, light! Don't forget any lamps you have throughout your home, too. Additionally, if there is a burnt out bulb -- replace it! A brighter home with all of the lights on is more inviting and will lead people into the rooms. It will also make your home feel more warm and cozy! 



3. Tuck AWAY everyday items 

A clean, organized home will always show best! Potential buyers want to be able to see past the way you live in your home and visualize how they would live in your home. Less is more! Tucking away small, everyday household items will show your potential buyers that you take selling your home seriously. They expect nothing but the best from home-sellers! 



4. CLEAR your countertops

This is the most crucial advice I can give you. Clear your counters. Everyone loves to see how much counter-space a kitchen offers and if there are small appliances or clutter taking up space, potential buyers' eyes will focus on that rather than all of the amazing counter-space your kitchen offers! Clutter becomes a distraction while viewing the kitchen, instead of looking at your kitchen! 



5. Show OFF your windows


Opening your curtains ties in with lighting. If you have blinds, make sure they are open to let in natural light. You want your home to feel as spacious as possible! A little decor tip, too, is to hang your curtains close to the ceiling - approx 3" inches below. Ideally you'd like them to sweep the floor. By following this simple rule, you will create the illusion that your walls are taller!



6. TIDY up

A quick 20 minute tidy will go a long way! And since you've already done a deep, thorough tidy of your home, a quick sweep, vacuum, mop and a dust will increase your homes showing potential to 10/10. Your potential buyers will be so impressed with how clean your home is, it will reflect into how they believe the "bones" of your home have been cared for, too! 



7. Play RELAXING music


Soft music played throughout your home will really set the mood. Your home will definitely stand out compared to others because they will remember your home since it had music on! It will leave buyers thinking they visted a show home! With this said, don't forget to turn off all T.V. or computer screens. 



8. Have a SOFT aroma 


Burn a candle, scentsy, essential oil, etc., and the soft aroma throughout your home, like the music, will set a mood for your potential buyers. Be careful not to choose anything too strong or that you may be personally biased to. Additionally, it's important to avoid the best you can any strong scents in your home such as certain spices, foods, and smoking. 



9. Take OUT the trash


Potential buyers will look everywhere. Yes, inside your cupboards! Believe me, they will pull open kitchen and bathroom drawers, look in closets -- they are looking at everything. The last thing you would want is if there is a small stench in your garbage to turn them off! 



10. Make your bathrooms SHINE


This step is often overlooked, yet is one of the most important. Tuck away all personal items - even your shower items. Place these items in a small basket that you can store under the sink. Wipe down the toilet, sink, faucet and shower door if you have one. Windex the mirror, too! If you believe it's a little detail they won't notice.. they will! The little things always catch your eyes!


Potential buyers will decide within seconds of walking through your front door if your home is their new home. Think of the way you are looking at details when you are visiting homes. Scrutinize your own home as if you are a potential buyer. Remember, you only get ONE chance to make a first impression. Make sure it counts! 


XX, Samantha









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