January 22, 2019

Although our honeymoon is coming up on 4 years ago (where has the time gone!!) we were fortunate to be able to go on a trip of a lifetime! The Maldives is by no means a cheap vacation. It takes almost 40 hours flying time to get to the Maldives thus needing to go for greater than a week at a time. When we were looking at trips they were anywhere from $5k+ per person. Since we went in July those were their "winter" months and the off season and significantly lower cost wise as opposed to December / January. Since winter months in tropical climates usually result in lots of rain, we feared it would rain on us everyday. But it didn't! Maybe we were lucky. We had one wicked storm with crazy winds (see picture below LOL) and that was about it! We did tons of research on our resort before we booked and we watched the prices for what felt like months. We booked our trip through Expedia and were so happy with the resort we picked! We stayed at Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa! It was serene. We upgraded to a jacuzzi overwater villa and all inclusive (instead of full board) - both worth every single penny! 


We left the day after our wedding. Kind of a funny story.. now haha... but we almost missed our flight which would have delayed our whole trip as we had a connecting flight in Vancouver that went to Souel. Some how I locked the keys in the rental car (it was keyless entry/lock so I have no idea how I did it!) The car had both of our suitcases for our trip - including our passports in our carry ons. We were about 30 seconds away from breaking the window to get our stuff out when some way miraculously my father in laws hand was on the handle and the car unlocked. PHEW!!! We made it to the airport JUST on time. Our flight went from Regina - Vancouver - Soeul - Sri Lanka and then to the Maldives. Yes, we were EXHAUSTED! From the Maldives international airport, we took a seaplane to the resort we stayed at. (Unless the resort you are staying at is close enough to travel by boat) Make sure this is included when you are booking! Going to the Maldives usually means your staying on your resort for the duration of your trip. This didn't bother us at all as relaxing by the pool/ocean with drinks, etc., is our preference! They do have activities right on the resort as well such as sports (volleyball, table tennis, etc!) and excursions. There are tons of excursions to choose from -- we did the manta & turtle excursion and the sunset cruise! 



The views waking up in the mornings was so unbelievable! The overwater villa has stairs down to the ocean right off the deck. It was so beautiful to be able to climb down them and snorkel with the fish. You could snorkel right from your balcony around the villas to the reefs and back! That was one of the highlights of our trips! I was much to chicken when it came to snorkelling past the reef to see the coral and how the ocean floor just dropped hundreds of feet, but Devan absolutely loved it! I got to see pictures, and that was well enough for me! Haha! 


There were two pools at our resort and because we stayed in the overwater villa, we had access to the adult only pool. It was quiet and very relaxing! It was an infinity pool. The loungers were comfy and there were some that offered good shade. It got HOT in the middle of the day.



Since we upgraded to all inclusive, all of our food and drinks were included. There are 3 bars and 2 buffets. We ate at the Ahima Buffet for all three meals as it was the closest to our villa. Each day they would have a different "theme" of food. One day was mexican, the next american, etc! It wasn't the same thing every night and the food was delicious! Breakfast was by far our favourite. We would sit on the restaurants patio while enjoying breakfast and coffee and could see the ocean. 


The only restaurant that is not included in the all inclusive is the Asian Wok Restaurant & Bar. We did eat there one night and the food was absolutely delicious! 


The Manta & Turtle Excursion was amazing!! I was just fine watching from the boat to see the manta rays & turtles but I'm so glad Devan jumped in with the group to swim with them! He got some really amazing

pictures! It was a really cool experience! 


The sunset cruise we did on the second last night we were there and it was absolutely surreal. Because the islands are so small you get to see both sunrise and sunset. It was a totally different experience watching from the boat though. 

 All in all, our honeymoon was an absolute dream! We would LOVE to go back.... someday! 


XX, Samantha


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