March 8, 2019

As the temperatures are FINALLY warming up here in the prairies, protecting your home during the spring melt is crucial to ensure there is no water damage to your home. Compared to previous years, we have a LOT more snow this year and I have a feeling we are going to see warm temperatures come quickly. I know we can't wait to be able to get outside and enjoy fresh air, so while you're outside make sure that your home is ready to bear the melting snow. This winter was a LONG one and it's so exciting SPRING is just about here!! 


Some of these areas may be hard to reach and if you need help it's best to contact a professional. Use the following checklist over the next couple of weeks to protect your home!


1. Clear walkways adjacent to your home  

2. Clear any excess snow that may have blown up against the foundation

3. Shovel your deck off 

4. Remove as much snow as possible from your roof 

5. Ensure your gutters are clean 

6. Ensure downspouts are in the down position

7. City sewers are clean and clear for water to drain into

8. Re-attach sump pump hose 

9. Test your sump pump

10. Clear off any furniture, play structures or sheds 


If I'm missing anything, make sure to comment below to share with your fellow homeowners! 






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