March 21, 2019

 1. Muslin Blanket - Winners // Fringe Shoes - Minimoc // 3. Romper - Old Navy // 4. Bunny Blanket - Received as gift 


With Amelia we purchased a lot of the necessities you need when having a baby. You name it... car seat, stroller, crib, etc., even all the little extras that you could probably go without. Even though we have pretty much everything we need, there were a few things I wish I had with Amelia that I'm hoping to have for the second baby! 


1. ToteSavvy® Deluxe

With Amelia we didn't really have a "real" diaper bag with organizers and compartments. It was a diaper bag as in it came with a change pad and had a couple outside pockets but that was about it. It was always a mess! I loved the bag but for the price it cost, it didn't hold up very well - really just the top handles. However, we do still use it for an overnight bag for Amelia because it is a great bag! 


Over a year ago, I invested in a Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM for an everything kind of bag - work bag, overnight bag, carry on, etc. It is one of the most versatile bags that I own! Occasionally we would use it as a diaper bag, too, but since Amelia was much older when we got it we didn't have to take as much stuff with us when we went places. But since we have another baby on the way, when we go out we will need to take more stuff with us. I've heard great things about the ToteSavvy from a few of the mom-bloggers I follow and knew I needed to have this myself! Look at all the pockets!!


It has multiple compartments for organizing all the baby items you have to take with you on a daily basis. I also love that it has top handles to easily pull it in and out of your bag. The Deluxe also has a laptop sleeve which will make it easy to use my bag as both a purse & a diaper bag. Since I'm self-employed and I don't pay into EI, I'm not eligible to take maternity leave. I will of course have time off after baby comes, but I will also be going back to work whenever my clients need me! It's perfect for moms on the go! 


 *Image Source: totesavvy.com*


2. Snuggle Me Organic

This lounger looks so incredibly comfortable I would like one in adult size, please! Haha! Seriously though, I love that it is made with organic materials and is hypoallergenic. It's also machine washable! It is mobile which makes it easy to take places with you throughout the house & more! I know we would take this everywhere with us and would definitely use this daily! 


*Image Source: Well.ca* 



3. Halo BassiNest Swivel Sleeper

With Amelia I had an emergency c-section after 39 hours of labour and we were not prepared for that when we got home. I'm grateful with how well my recovery went but I remember Devan having to get out of bed in the middle of the night to get Amelia out of the bassinet for the first few weeks because it hurt so much to sit up and down in bed. I also remember sleeping in a sitting position because you're not supposed to sleep on your tummy, laying on your sides hurt too much and if you are to lay flat your basically stuck. LOL! I wanted the Halo with Amelia but at the time our budget was tight and we had to make do with what we had. With Amelia we used the bassinet that came with our Peg Perego stroller system. It sit's lower beside our bed (even on the stand) and was difficult to get her out of even after I was moving around better.


This time, I've been told that I can try a VBAC but that we will monitor more closely at 36 weeks. Ultimitely it will depend on babies size if this will be possible. I would love to have a VBAC but I'm also mentally prepared that there is a good chance I will end up having another c-section. With the Halo BassiNest, it is adjustable in height and can pull snug right up to the bed. If I have a c-section this would be perfect as it will hopefully be easier to get her in and out myself. I also love the mesh sides so I can see her beside the bed!


*Image Source: westcoastkids.ca*


Is there anything else you didn't have with your first baby that you wish you could have with your second? Let me know in the comments! 


XO. Samantha


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