March 29, 2019


If you're like me, you are probably ECSTATIC that the snow is GONE!! As much as I love Regina, I really do not like the winters we get! This last one was a tough one! With that, warmer temps mean more times outdoors! I am really looking forward to this summer as Amelia will be 3 and is much, much more independent! We love going for walks and spending time at the park! 


Since I'm an organized person, checklists are my jam! I'm fortunate that my husband takes care of most of these items for me! Remember to hire the appropriate professionals for items that you're uncomfortable doing. There are some great businesses in the city that will take care of these for you! If you need a recommendation, please reach out!


1.  Inspect roof & clean gutters 

2. Clean up lawn & rake grass 

3. Wash off house & windows 

4. Deck & fence maintenance 

5. Do paint touch ups on windows, doors, & siding 

6. Trim plants, bushes & trees 

7. Inspect foundation for cracks & repairs 

8. Service the A/C unit 

9. Check & clean the dryer vent 

10. Inspect sprinkler system & turn on outside taps 

11. Prepare BBQ & exchange/fill tank 

12. Pull out patio furniture 


If I've forgot anything that you do in spring around your home, share below with your fellow homeowners! 


XX, Samantha


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