Relationship driven. Client focused.


Whether buying or selling a home, I understand it is a big decision. Although it can be a very exciting process I know it also comes with stress, anxiety and fears. I listen to your concerns and understand your needs and wants. My promise to my clients is to always be available to answer your questions and concerns.  My goal is that my clients are informed, comfortable and confident in their decision to buy or sell a home. 

It's not just a commission to me, I thoroughly enjoy helping my

clients buy a home or sell their home. From the very beginning to possession and beyond, I’m there very step of the way. In my ability to help you buy or sell a home in turn is how I support my family.  

 I build relationships with my clients and often they become my friends post-purchase. I enjoy guiding and educating my clients throughout the process and you can expect to laugh & learn when buying or selling a home through me. My business thrives from referrals from clients, friends and family - I'm never too busy for your referrals.

XX, Samantha


Buying a home comes with tons of questions: Area? Budget? Timeline? Where do you start? Who do you hire? Should you just represent yourself? These are all great questions and can be discussed & answered during our initial consultation.

Hiring an agent during the purchase process is free for buyers. Commissions are paid by the sellers at closing. I work for you, and always have your best interests in mind. 

The first thing we do together is discuss why you're buying and the kind of home you are looking for. Next is your pre-approval (if you have one, great! If not, I can refer you to some great reputable mortgage brokers). Just because you are pre-approved for an amount, doesn't mean you have to spend it. Your mortgage pre-approval is calculated off of your gross income. Therefore, I tell my clients to look at their monthly cash flow, create a budget and factor in property taxes, utilities, car payments & debts (if any), a rainy day fund and then figure out what's comfortable from there. Most of the time, my clients end up purchasing around $25-$40k below their pre-approval amount to give themselves some flexibility. 

Secondly, it's my priority to find you the right home that aligns best with your needs and wants. It's common that the home won't have everything on your wish-list and often there are some compromises involved. We may look at 5 houses, 10 houses, 30 houses, or more! I work with you until we find the place you'll love to live. I work with my clients at their pace no matter how long this may take. Buying a home is your biggest investment and I want you to be comfortable and confident in the home that you are buying! 



Selling a home can be overwhelming, and I understand that sometimes it's not always an exciting process. I've been there. My husband and I have sold 2 homes and purchased 3 - all within in 5 years. The memories, the finances, the timeline... There are so many emotions when it comes to selling your home. Listening and understanding your concerns, needs and fears is very important to me. 

The first thing we do together is discuss why you're selling. Is it because you're upgrading? Downsizing? Relocating? From that, we discuss your timeline. Sometimes when we meet, we may be meeting months in advance and coming up with a plan. Other times, it can happen much quicker.  And of course, we discuss your home - overall condition and its market evaluation.  

Secondly, it's my focus to stage your home to best present itself. In today's real estate market, the first impression buyers have is the pictures of your home. This doesn't mean that we have to go on a shopping spree and buy all new furniture - I work with you and what you have. Sometimes, there is very little to do and sometimes, we rearrange a room completely. It's not because the way you have it set up is wrong, it's about showcasing it's best functionality and purpose. 

Once your home is market ready, I combine a mixture of online advertising, print, and professional photography. My clients appreciate the time and effort that goes into preparing your home for sale. Please allow 1-2 weeks to prepare your home, to book the photographer and to prepare marketing materials. ​


Any questions that you may have,

I am here to answer, help & guide you

through the process as smoothly as possible.


Additionally, I have informative

 buyer and seller guides with more information on the process. 

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